How to remove background by AI with SnapEdit on PC?

How to remove background by AI with SnapEdit on PC?

Removing backgrounds from images used to be a tedious, manual process, until AI came along. Basically, removing background AI is an automatic process. Users only need to upload images to the tool and then AI help to clear the background. 


More than that, with SnapEdit’s powerful AI background removal tool, you can erase and replace backgrounds, edit images in just a few clicks. 


Say goodbye to painstakingly editing images with selection tools. SnapEdit’s AI does all the hard work for you, precisely detecting objects and separating them from the background. This amazing technology opens up endless creative possibilities, whether you’re an ecommerce business needing product shots with transparent backgrounds or a graphic designer working on composites. 


In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you just how quick and easy it is to remove background from image by AI on your PC with SnapEdit.

How does SnapEdit AI learn to remove background?

SnapEdit’s technology focuses on deep learning. It is a subset of machine learning using neural networks for complex tasks – image analysis.  The AI learns how to recognize a main object in a picture through millions of images. This helps the app to accurately recognize and segment the main subject/object from the background.

AI technology in removing background

By iteratively modifying its internal parameters during training, SnapEdit AI minimizes the discrepancy between predictions and ground truth annotations. The model improves its comprehension of different circumstances and lighting conditions with each iteration. Therefore, it guarantees better background removal outcomes. 


Now, the boring work of editing the pictures is no longer a burden to you, thanks to SnapEdit!

Benefits of using AI to erase photo background

There are plenty of benefits in using artificial intelligence to remove photo backgrounds. We can clearly see some of them, for example:


  • Save time for professional photo editing: Post-production, including photo editing is considered a tedious job to do. Now, with the help of SnapEdit, backgrounds will be removed automatically and accurately in just a few seconds.
  • Open up new creative opportunities: You can easily change the background for portrait photos in order to create a new and attractive space or even change the background for products advertisements to attract customers.


Learning how to remove background by AI not only saves time but also expands your opportunity to level-up your photos. SnapEdit application is a game-changer when it comes to online photo editing, especially in terms of erasing backgrounds with no traits.

How to remove background of an image by AI on SnapEdit?

Snapedit remove bg tool interface

  • First step: Open the bg removal tool

Start by accessing the SnapEdit website from your browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge at

  • Step 2: Upload your image

Once you’re in the SnapEdit interface on your PC, upload the image you want to edit. Whether it’s a portrait, product photo, or anything in between, SnapEdit AI can handle it with ease.

  • Step 3: Automatic background removal with AI

Sit back and let SnapEdit AI work its magic. With advanced algorithms, SnapEdit automatically detects and removes the background from your image, saving you valuable time and effort.

  • Step 4: Optional background editing

Want to customize the background or add artistic effects? SnapEdit offers optional tools for background editing, allowing you to personalize your image further according to your preferences.

  • Step 5: Download your edited image

Once you’re satisfied with the results, simply download your edited image. SnapEdit provides high-quality output, ready to be used for professional projects, social media, or personal purposes.

Pros and cons of SnapEdit background remover

On its side, SnapEdit has both pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look into the benefits you can expect from the tool and some drawbacks as well.

Pros of Snapedit background removal

Ease of Use

Background removal is a simple work with SnapEdit’s user-friendly interface. Users just need a few clicks to upload their photos and get results instantly.

Precise AI Background Elimination

SnapEdit’s AI module is excellent at precisely eliminating backgrounds, guaranteeing that foreground items are smoothly isolated. This function guarantees high-quality changes while saving time.

Edit Background

SnapEdit users can alter and personalize backdrops to suit users’ tastes in addition to removing backgrounds. 

Download in HD quality for Pro users

Professional customers can download their modified photographs in HD, which may be better used for a variety of purposes such as print media, websites, and marketing materials.

Free to Use

SnapEdit can be used by everyone, as it is free to use. SnapEdit offers free features, no matter if you’re a hobbyist or a professional photographer.


Images with certain complicated subjects are difficult for SnapEdit’s present AI module to handle. This application is great at focusing on just one major object, but in complex compositions, it might not work as well. Update is planned to be released in order to resolve this problem. Please check the website for updates for more information!


SnapEdit believes that we are fully capable of handling your photos, giving you the photos that you desire. We hope this article has helped you to learn how to remove background by AI, thereby enhancing your skills in photo editing in no time!


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