Instructions for using SnapEdit to delete objects for Android phones

Snapedit user guide
If you don’t know how to edit photos, you don’t want to have to edit them manually. What are you waiting for without downloading the SnapEdit app to edit photos. It is both fast and effective and also saves you a considerable amount of time editing photos. But if you use an Android phone and still don’t know how to edit photos with SnapEdit, let’s learn how to use it.

Great use of SnapEdit

Remove people and objects from photos quickly and easily.
With modern technology, it is considered as the most modern technology now compared to other photo editing apps. Helps analyze images and show people or things so you can choose who and what to delete.
Save time editing photos and time learning to edit photos because you just need to click where SnapEdit will delete it for you.
Remove famous brands watermark logos that appear in your photos and you don’t like it.
Delete the text, letters and symbols appearing in the image.
Erase small imperfections in the photo such as wires, pimples, or small things,…

How to use SnapEdit for Android
Download the application here: Download

Then join me in the following steps.

Step 1: You upload the photo to edit by clicking the Add Photo button and wait for the image to be analyzed.

Step 2: After the image is done analyzing and you can select the objects that you want to delete. After selecting, press the Remove button to delete all the items you have selected.

Step 3: After deleting the image, you want to save the deleted image to your device, just click Save in the upper right corner of the screen, the image has been downloaded.

You see, not editing photos with SnapEdit is really super fast with only 3 steps and takes you a few seconds to save time than many other photo editing apps on the market.

Get SnapEdit mobile app

ios app linkandroid app link

Finally: Do you think this photo editing application is as fast as you want and makes you satisfied? Have you tried and discovered all its features yet? If you feel it is good please rate 5 stars and recommend to all your friends to know such a great editing application.


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