Why is SnapEdit better than Cleanup Picture?

snapedit vs cleanup pictures

Currently on the market there are many different photo editing tools, but the automatic photo editing tools on the market today are usually manual. There are few tools to automatically edit photos like SnapEdit. But compared to the market, there are many notable and competitive with SnapEdit that is Cleanup Picture. But why users still feel better using SnapEdit, please find out with me.


The convenience of SnapEdit is nothing more special than Cleanup Picture.

Both applications have different interfaces, but they have one thing in common: they are both used to edit photos. Deleting people removes objects from photos, but each application has different uses:

  • SnapEdit uses AI technology to automate quickly. Just one click can make the person or thing you want to delete disappear without a trace. It’s quick and convenient and doesn’t need any photo editing skills.
  • Cleanup Picture is also a photo editing tool, but completely by hand. So if you don’t know how to edit photos, it will be difficult for you.
  • In terms of speed and convenience, SnapEdit must have a huge advantage.
  • In terms of deleting people, deleting objects cleanly, SnapEdit is only slightly better.
  • But both apps can download pretty clear images.
  • SnapEdit can have more image download segments with 3 download modes for you to choose from.
  • And both of these photo editing tools are completely free to use.

The image is edited with the SnapEdit tool.

why snapedit better than clean up picture

  • SnapEdit pre- and post-edited images are virtually unremarkable. Almost without the original image, no one would know that the person who deleted the object was deleted.
  • And the image quality remains the same as the original.
  • If there are not too many people or too many things for the AI mode to analyze, it is also very fast. But if there are too many people, the analysis will take a little longer.
  • But SnapEdit also has a photo editing mode for even microscopic objects. Brush mode can help you to smear and erase even the smallest objects to those that are difficult for AI mode to analyze.

You can try the app by clicking here: https://snapedit.app

Image edited with Cleanup Picture tool

cleanup picture in object removal

  • Images before and after editing with Cleanup Picture also retain good image quality.
  • But the speed and difficulty of editing photos with Cleanup Picture is longer and more difficult than using SnapEdit.
  • But after erasing, it still leaves a small trace and leaves a slight blur.

You try to use and experience when using 2 photo editing applications to see which one is better to use. And using SnapEdit is not much more time-consuming, if it is as I review and is suitable for you, please give this photo editing tool 5 stars.

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